• Repair was done to match the rest of the edging

    Andrea Watson

    The repair and cleaning to our rugs was excellent. We cannot even find where the repair was done to match the rest of the edging, and that is unusual. Uzair was professional, timely, and a fine representative of this firm.

    Date: November, 05, 2016 5/5 stars
  • Rug came back looking brand new

    Shane Cramsey

    My girlfriend took my rug here because our new puppies decided to have a few accidents on it. It came back looking brand new if not better!

    They were trustworthy, honest, and genuine. I definitely recommend them 🙂

    Date: November, 04, 2016 5/5 stars
  • They triple cleaned it and it looks beautiful

    Linda Yancy Kidsley

    I worked with Uzair and Henry. I bought my rug in Tunisia 25 years ago and it had never been cleaned. Most recently it was in my farmhouse and loaded with dust and dirt. So much came out of the rug that they saved it all to show me — it weighed 5 pounds!! They triple cleaned it and it looks beautiful. I dropped it in their Broomfield location. They came in on time and charged the price that they originally quoted me — no hidden charges. When I picked it up it was pouring rain so they carefully wrapped it in plastic but the parking was so easy that I parked right out front and we easily loaded the rug all nice and dry. I have another rug that I will be taking them as soon as I can get it in the car. I will use them in the future and highly recommend then to anyone who needs rug cleaning services. Uzair was also able to tell me a lot about the rug, which I found really helpful. I bought it in a small bazaar in Tunisia and all I knew was I really loved the rug. Now I understand much more about it. Thanks, Uzair.

    Date: August, 21, 2016 5/5 stars
  • The rugs have never looked so good

    Julie Egan

    This is a family owned business that takes great pride in their work and taking care of their clients. I felt that they were extremely trustworthy and was confident that they knew what they were doing. They returned the rugs in perfect condition. The rugs have never looked so good. If you are looking for a company you can trust to clean and take care of your rugs this company is top notch. I will be using them again.

    Date: June, 20, 2016 5/5 stars
  • This was our first cleaning of our Karastan rugs

    Colleen Johnson

    We found the Oriental Rug and Carpet Co. on the internet. This was our first cleaning of our Karistan rugs. They did a beautiful job and the cleaning was quite noticeable. Uzair was not only very professional, but more than that, extremely knowledgeable. He didn’t try to sell us something not needed. By that I mean 3 of the 5 pads were noticeably worn and the others were just fine. We replaced just the 3. My wife is quite fussy and they exceeded her expectations. Good job Uzair and company.

    Date: June, 07, 2016 5/5 stars
  • They were able to trim the fringe of the oldest rug

    Timothy McHugh

    My wife and I are quite impressed with our entire experience working with Uzair and his 2 brothers (identical triplets). We trusted them with our 3 oriental rugs, and our trust was well-founded. They were able to both pick up and deliver the rugs without charge, since we live in the vicinity of Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic. Not only are the rugs cleaner and brighter than I remember them ever being, they were able to trim the fringe of the oldest rug, and repair a small area of fringe separation on another rug, further improving their appearance. We will definitely use the services of Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic in 2-3 years, as recommended.

    Date: May, 09, 2016 5/5 stars
  • Very knowledgeable about the cleaning process

    Teresa Ayers

    We had 4 rugs picked up, cleaned and returned and purchased new carpet pads. This team provided incredible customer service: professional, thoughtful, made outstanding suggestions, timely. Very knowledgeable about the cleaning process, the rugs themselves and how to provide continuing care. I cannot say enough good about this experience and I will definitely use this team in the future.

    Date: April, 26, 2016 5/5 stars
  • They do business the personal way

    Carol Ramsey

    It was such a pleasure to meet Uzair, because I was looking for a competent cleaner to take care of my much-loved 30 year old Spanish wool area rug, which I discovered had sustained pet soiling. But an added benefit is that he so willingly shares his knowledge about the Qum and Bakhtiari rugs that I own. When I have a few extra $$$ I know I am going to be tempted to visit his showroom and purchase yet another beautiful handmade rug. I am also much impressed with Uzair and his brother’s politeness. They do business the personal way it was meant to be done.

    Date: August, 30, 2015 5/5 stars
  • Rug impeccably cleaned within the week

    Sally Butler

    I found the service, quality of work and attention to detail far exceeding my expectations! Uzair lives up to his word! I had my rug impeccably cleaned within the week, with an estimate before the service and on target at the time I picked it up! I was so impressed I’m taking more rugs because I trust the work for the rest of my family heirlooms!

    Date: May, 02, 2014 5/5 stars
  • This family business really cares about your rugs

    Tom Wood

    We were very satisfied with the care and service provided. They cleaned an 8′ x 10′ rug recently and my wife felt that it still had some residual odors … we took it back and they re-cleaned the rug twice more to ensure that all the odor was gone for no extra charge! They clearly went above and beyond our expectations. It’s also very apparent that this family business really cares about your rugs and their customers.

    Date: May, 02, 2014 5/5 stars
  • Fantastic job with the dye treatment and wash

    Andy Bouayad

    I called Uzair after my basement got flooded and he showed up right away. I was hesitant at first to give my valuable rugs but Uzair was very knowledgeable, professional and guaranteed his work. Two of my very nice large valuable Persian rugs had water damage and caused discoloration, Uzair and his team did a fantastic job with the dye treatment and wash. I cant believe how beautiful they turned out, I couldn’t tell where the damages were. They were very reasonable, honest and a joy to work with. I would recommend their services to anyone who love their rugs, and want quality service.

    Date: May, 02, 2014 5/5 stars
  • Pick up/delivery service was so handy

    Renee Harper

    I had a wonderful experience with Rug and Carpet Clinic. Uzair is so professional and polite. He took exquisite care of our rugs. He also took the time to answer all of my questions, and the pick up/delivery service was so handy. Thank you so much, we’re customers for life!

    Date: May, 02, 2014 5/5 stars