• The rug looks amazing!

    MM D.

    I have an 8X10 wool area rug that my dog peed on when the dog walker didn’t show up while I was out of town.  It also had a coffee stain from me.  I was desperate to save my rug and after a lot of searching found these guys.  They came to my house picked up the rug and delivered to my new address.  The rug looks amazing!  No sign of dog urine or a coffee.  I will defiantly use them for my other area rugs and suggest anyone that has a quality rug that needs cleaning give this family your business.  It is such a nice change to see people who have pride in their work.

    Date: December, 31, 2018 5/5 stars
  • Picked it up, cleaned it, and delivered it back to my house

    Mallory B.

    I got this Pottery Barn 8×10 Gray and White Scroll Design Handtufted Wool Rug on Facebook Marketplace for free. I got a few quotes on getting it cleaned. $600. $520. $450 but $30 for pick up and delivery.

    Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic picked it up, cleaned it, and delivered it back to my house for $280. This rug retails at $1400!!! It looks brand new! Uzair is amazing, prompt, and communicates throughout the whole process to let you know how they’re doing with the rug, when you can expect it back, and delivery. I am ELATED.

    Date: December, 03, 2018 5/5 stars
  • Antique woven wool was restored to its silky soft condition

    Blue H.

    It is always exciting to find a business to give five stars and a stellar review to!  I did my research and decided on a service to clean my antique tribal rug.  Initially, I spoke with Uzair over the phone, and he was very pleasant.  When I took my extremely beautiful, yet insanely dirty, tribal rug for resuscitation to their shop, I met Uzair in person and he was gracious to introduce me to his coworkers.  He took time to explain to me the history, construction, materials, origin and value of my rug.  Furthermore, he explained what special cleaning methods they use for this specific type of rug.  Uzair takes a detailed and scientific approach to antique rug care.  He also showed me around the shop and explained details of different types of rugs that they have for sale.  When I finally picked up my rug after cleaning, I was impressed with its amazing condition.  The antique woven wool was restored to its silky soft condition, and the rug regained its lustrous sheen.

    In summary, I walked in with a dirty rug, and walked out with a vibrant clean restored rug and with a wealth of new knowledge about oriental rugs.  The rugs that they have for sale are very beautiful and high quality.  I thought the prices were very good.  I really appreciate this business and highly recommend it to everyone.

    Date: November, 14, 2018 5/5 stars
  • It’s rare to find this level of quality and service

    Paul and Kathy

    Exceptional knowledge; incredible customer service; good pricing; and yes, results that make us want to stop and give Uzair and Omar a five star rating.  Thank you both!  It’s rare to find this level of quality and service any more. We highly recommend this company for your Oriental rugs.  Paul and Kathy

    Date: November, 13, 2018 5/5 stars
  • Great job cleaning four of our beautiful Agra rugs

    Kim R.

    Uzair did a great job cleaning four of our beautiful Agra rugs for a very reasonable price. Uzair even came to our home to pick up the rugs and dropped them off when they were done. Highly recommend this company!

    Date: November, 12, 2018 5/5 stars
  • Competitively priced and willing to go the extra mile

    Lynne Rennick-Ziegler

    If you’re looking for a carpet cleaning company that is knowledgeable, personable, competitively priced and willing to go the extra mile, then Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic is the company you’re looking for. I recently moved and had all my area rugs cleaned by OR&CC. They helped me get various rugs out from under furniture, timely picked up my rugs and delivered them cleaned and wrapped to protect from the remodel dust coming soon in my new house. I highly and unhesitatingly recommend this company.

    Date: November, 02, 2018 5/5 stars
  • Our rug looks beautiful

    Lisa S.

    This company is terrific. They know and value the work they are doing. Our rug looks beautiful. I so respect their skill and knowledge.

    Date: October, 19, 2018 5/5 stars
  • These guys know rugs

    NS S.

    The customer service was awesome. The Cleaning, The Price and Service has been a triple-hitter. These guys know rugs. They are very knowledgeable. The PRO’s Re-defined. Stop Lookin and call the guys at ORCC.  Doesn’t get any better than this!

    Date: September, 12, 2018 5/5 stars
  • Pricing was quite fair

    Deborah B.

    I have a number of Oriental area rugs.  Over the years, I have tried numerous professionals for cleaning and repairs.  Some have been good; some unscrupulous and all very expensive.  I called and spoke with Uzair on the phone.  He came out that afternoon to assess the  “new” rug I purchased at an estate sale.  His knowledge and education of rugs was incredible and I felt his pricing was quite fair so he took my purchase with him to clean and repair. Not only did I end up with a gorgeous rug and quality pad that he sold me, but I ended up with a great contact in the future and an appreciation for a true professional in his field.  What a find!  I’m thankful I have found this business.

    Date: September, 10, 2018 5/5 stars
  • Clean and refurbish three oriental rugs

    Annie Mail

    Unbelievably positive experience with Uzair and his team at Oriental Rug and Carpet Clinic. Our apartment was flooded on Monday night from a heavy rainstorm that came through Denver: a gutter and clogged drain diverted much water straight into the building. I called Oriental Rug and Carpet Clinic at 5:15 this evening, Thursday and Uzair and his brother made a house call on their way home from work to assess damages and costs to clean and refurbish three oriental rugs. They were on my door step in an hour and a half with all the tools necessary to generate a detailed price quote. They were patient, kind, understanding, and very generous with their time: nearly a full hour spent on site. They even gave me a couple of ideas for how to display one of the rugs after it is restored. I look forward to working with them through the cleaning process and in the future. Highly recommend this family business for any of your rug and carpet needs!

    Date: September, 03, 2018 5/5 stars
  • 10 times more knowledgeable than any of the others

    Nicole Z.

    We interviewed several companies found on Yelp, but decided on  Oriental Rug and Carpet Clinic after speaking  to Uzair on the phone.  He was 10 times more knowledgeable than any of the others, including a national brand, about the rug cleaning process.  He came to our home, picked up our rugs and Flor carpet squares that had been ‘pet stained’ and took them to his plant and cleaned them.  He sent us photos of all of the pieces with the invoice and THEN…. he stored our cleaned rugs until we were able to move into our new home!  While he was storing our rugs, we called him and asked him to clean some more carpet squares, which he picked up, cleaned, stored and delivered to us at our new home.
    We will calling him next to come and help us with our upholstery and in the future any rugs that need cleaning.
    We highly recommend Oriental Rug and Carpet Clinic!

    Date: July, 11, 2018 5/5 stars
  • Damaged area has to be pointed out to be seen

    Nina Richardson Bowling

    We had an Oriental rug attacked by moths. Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic did a great job ridding the carpet of the moth problem and cleaning it so that it looks new. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t as severe as we originally thought and Uzair gave us the honest opinion that reweaving would be costly and wouldn’t even make a noticeable difference. We took his advice and he was right. The damaged area has to be pointed out to be seen. We are very happy with the result and the price charged!

    Date: June, 04, 2018 5/5 stars