Oriental Rug Care Tips

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Under layment rug pads are always a good investment. These pads offer additional softness to the rug and also prevents it from slipping and sliding. If you are laying your rug over wall-to-wall carpet, having the right padding is a must. It keeps the rug in place, does not allow air-bubbles to come up, and keeps the rug flat to prevent any tripping hazard.

We sell and offer different types of pads for different types of flooring, call us today and we can recommend the perfect pads for your rugs and flooring.


Sunlight can be detrimental to your rug, continual exposure to sunlight will eventually cause color fading and reduce the fiber strength. Try to limit sun exposure where possible, rotate the rug 180 degrees every 12 months.

We also offer UV Protection that will helps in keeping the rugs original colors bright and keep the fibers protected from wear and stains. Contact us about our UV Protection.


Moths lay eggs in the pile of wool rugs. When these eggs become larvae, they feast on the wool, often times to the point creating holes. Although moth are attracted to wool, they will not survive in areas that a well trafficked or exposed to air and light

Keep your rugs vacuumed especially under furniture/dark shaded areas. If you have one rug showing moth damage, its wise to check other surrounding rugs. We can apply a moth repellent to the rug for protection and also re-weave damaged areas. Give us a call, we will gladly help you out.

General Wear

Oriental rug care is important, keep your rug clean and free of excess dirt and debris by either shaking or vacuuming regularly. Keeping dirt from getting ground into the pile will help keep the pile from being matted down. Rotating your area rugs also is a great habit to have.

Every 12 months rotating 180 degrees will equalize the effects of wear on your rugs. If you are planning to store your rugs, we can properly store them for you and thoroughly undust/clean once they are ready to be laid back down.

Stains & Spills

If something spills on your rug, try to deal with it in a timely manner, before it absorbs and penetrates the foundation. Work quickly and blot up the spill. Apply water or our powerful Stain Lifter spray, which should remove the stain easily. Apply water, re-blot and let the area dry.

Also to protect your rugs from future spills/stain ask about our Fiber Seal Coating for your rugs and carpets.

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