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Mold and Mildew can grow in all types of surfaces including area rugs. At Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic, we go over on how we ensure the mold treatments are effective along with showing you how we test for it. We are a 2nd generation company dedicated to provide the best possible service to all types of area rugs.

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Is mold growing in your rug? Mold can produce allergens and potentially toxic substances known as mycotoxins. Before and after rug mold removal treatment:

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Hi everyone, this is Uzair from Rug and Carpet Clinic, we are going to talk about mold and wool rugs today, it’s a very big issue, a lot of people think that mold is something that can easily be taken out, maybe with bleach and in our case we noticed firsthand that bleach is only good for the stains but it doesn’t really eradicate the mold.

This rug here we did a test before it came in to us, it had mold on it, this here shows, in our previous test when this rug came in, you can see here the amount of mold coming in or developing on the dish here, that was, the samples were from this rug.

When the rug came in we did a treatment to this, it’s been completely washed, we did a mold extraction on here, and we now did a test and see whether the mold (I’ll show you) it’s a very simple test we do, it is whether this new petri dish, we’re gonna just open it up, we’re gonna take the sample from here place it on there and then we’re gonna let it sit we’re gonna compare with our old one and we’ll see the amount of mold developing after the treatment has been done on to this rug.

So simply I’m gonna pick up a general area, I’m gonna dab this area over here (any on the rug) that’s as long as you make sure that the fiber is touching this, you take the gel part, put it on here, and see the samples on there, I’m gonna cover this up, and we’ll seal it. After seven days we’ll compare this dish with our previous dish and we’ll see whether the mold, that the treatment we did on here, actually worked and the mold has been reduced on this rug.

Welcome to Rug and Carpet Clinic, guys it’s Uzair here now. I did a test about seven days ago right now we’re gonna check out the results, it was a mold test, these are the results where we have, we achieved, so this here is before treating the rug when the rug came in to us for treatment, this was the amount of mold that came into that rug you can see there, okay so this is the after you can see here the amount of mold on here is very little, I’m gonna flip out and inspect, so it’s a little bit more visible, you can see these little cultures developing, something like this is expected this amount but as long as it’s not developing and to be black, you can see that before and after the amount of mold that is reduced after the treatment we did for the mold here

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