Oriental rugs fringe close up and oriental rug without fringe

Oriental Rug Fringe Repair

Oriental rug fringe repair services Denver metro. Rug fringe repair or replacement. We repair unraveled, frayed, damaged or stained fringe on your rugs. Our services include: new fringes, fringe removal, rug binding, rug edging, re-fringing, re-piling

Rug in the process of being repaired and restored

Rug Restoration and Repair Services Near Denver

We Offer a Variety of Restoration and Repair Services. Our professional rug repair services include fringe repair, expert reweaving, repair of worn areas, color restoration, edging, hole repair Restore your Oriental rugs to their original condition making them look beautiful again! Drop off locations across the Denver Metro Area.

restoring an oriental rug

Rug Repair and Restoration Denver

Clients, museums, leading insurance companies and restoration firms depend on the Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic professional expertise. At the Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic, we pledge to adhere to the highest quality of rug cleaning, restoration and rug repair methods available anywhere. We are dedicated to servicing your every rug and carpet maintenance needs. […]

Hand-knotted Mamluk design rug corner chewed by a dog

Rug Restoration Near You

Rug restoration and repair near you, we service the Denver metro and surrounding areas.  We have several years of experience repairing and restoring the finest Oriental & Persian rugs, Navajo rugs, and all types of area rugs. See what our customers have to say about us.  Check out hand-knotted Mamluk design, natural dyes wool rug […]

area rug chewed by dog during repair

Rug Repair Near You

Area rug hole repair near you, we service the Denver metro and surrounding areas. Find a location near you, get directions. When a dog chews off a piece of the rug it’s not all gone. Only a piece of the rug might be, but the rug can always be repaired and looking like it never […]