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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Why us?

Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic

We have dealt with very reputable and famous clients, and maintain a large client base. Our services have continued with excellence for over 12 years in Denver, Colorado. In order to provide the best services to our customers we have been able to bring in experts from Iran (the cradle of handmade rugs) to train us directly, and to keep our skill set up to date. We travel to various rug making countries regularly and maintain a relationship with rug experts globally.

About Us
  • Over 30 years of experience in the business
  • Applying the approved and traditional methods by rug weavers
  • Expert stain removal
  • Thorough inspection of all pieces for best results
  • Easy pickup & delivery service
  • Insured and reputable dealer
  • 5 Star Reviews!


Rug Cleaning

While some companies apply one standard wash to all rugs, we clean oriental rugs the way the rug weavers would approve of the process. Each wash is tailored to the specific type of rug.

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Our Persian rug or Oriental rug cleaning process goes through multiple steps to ensure the best rug washing service in Denver metro area.


We promise to adhere to the highest quality of rug cleaning, restoration, and rug repair methods.

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At Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic, we promise to adhere to the highest quality of oriental rug cleaning, oriental rug restoration, and oriental rug repair methods.


We provide consultation and appraisal documents for hand-made carpets, kilims & textiles.

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We can advise you on all your rug needs and offer interior design consultation.

Stain Proofing

Our ULTRA Protection is wool and pet safe. High-quality long lasting protection with UV inhibitors to prevent color fading. Get your rugs the protection against all types of stains and spills. This protecting can be applied to rugs, furniture and other fabrics/textiles.

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The Interior Designer’s Choice for On-Site Fabric & Furniture Protection

Pet Stains


While we all love our pets, they can certainly lead to some pretty big frustrations at times! The Oriental Rug and Carpet Clinic repairs damage from our little loved ones.

Stains & Spills

Stains & Spills
Our clinic can remove different types of stains including pets stain, wine, coffee, ink and more. Ask us about our Personalized Stain Lifter spray! or Stain Proofing application.

Moth Control

moth control on rugs
We are skilled at fighting and preventing the arch-enemy of your rug, the moth. We also offer moth prevention to keep away them away from your valuable rugs.

Color-run repair

color run
The clinic can stop and repair color run damage to your rug. We will color correct the affected areas making your rug look like new again.


oriental rug cleaning

As at any clinic, health is our top priority. Our process ensures a healthier rug for a healthier home! We use ORGANIC chemical free substance that disinfects and deordorizes your rugs completely.

Rug Storage

persian rug storage
Doing renovations and need a professional to store your investment? We can help and ensure your valuable rugs are kept safe and clean!

Rug Shipping

rug delivery
Moving? We can help in properly packaging and ship your handmade rugs anywhere in the United States.

Over-Dyeing Rugs

rug over dyeing
We can bring new life into your old rug and give it an updated look with this service.

Rug Padding

rug underlay padding oriental rug carpet clinic

It is important to keep your rugs from slipping and it feels great to have a cushy rug. Our pads are an excellent choice for your rugs!

Carpet Cleaning

Stains and spills can happen both on the rug, carpet and your sofas/chairs. That is why we also offer upholstery cleaning and organic carpet cleaning.

FAQ’S & Reviews

  • How often should I get my rugs washed?

    This will depend on the amount of traffic the rug takes. For example, an entryway rug or a rug in the kitchen area tends to need a thorough un-dusting and wash every 12-16 months. If your rug gets a pet stain or a wine spill, it needs to be treated immediately. Areas where less people go should be cleaned every 3-4 years.
    Check out the Rug Care Tips section for further information on what you need to look for and know when a rug needs a wash.

  • How long does it take for a rug to get washed?

    At Oriental Rug and Carpet Clinic, we thoroughly inspect each rug prior to cleaning. Some require additional washes or un-dusting which takes longer than usual. Generally we are able to return the rug in about a week or two. A larger size rug takes more time in the drying process and can take up to 3 weeks. For information on the each process/step we perform, check out our Process page.

  • Do you deal with insurance claims?

    Insurance companies rely on our expertise when it comes to evaluating the rug. We provide a documented appraisal that determines the value of the rug. If your rugs have been water damaged in a flood and you have an insurance claim, we will work with you and the insurance company to make sure your rugs are back to looking fresh and clean.

  • Can you ship my rug to a different state?

    Yes. We properly pack and ship rugs anywhere in the states. If you have a rug that needs to be properly cleaned or repaired that is in a different state you can ship the rug to our facility:

    Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic
    6901 W 117th Ave #6 Broomfield CO 80020

  • What type of rugs do you wash?

    We wash and clean all types of area rugs including, Navajo, Karastans, Shag rugs,, braided rug, needle point, Flokati Sheep skin, Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Antiques and others!

  • I too felt the service provided was excellent


    I too felt the service provided was excellent and appreciated the pick up and delivery. We rolled out the rugs to review what needed to be done and I was given options for repair. They do know their stuff! One had been in a flood and after cleaning it looks so much better! Do not hesitate. I will use again.

  • Wonderful experience with Rug and Carpet Clinic


    I had a wonderful experience with Rug and Carpet Clinic. Uzair is so professional and polite. He took exquisite care of our rugs. He also took the time to answer all of my questions, and the pick up/delivery service was so handy. Thank you so much, we're customers for life!

  • professional, extremely knowledgable, with outstanding customer service.

    Uzair and Umair are an amazing team-----professional, extremely knowledgable, with outstanding customer service. They cleaned 16 rugs that hadn't been cleaned in over 15 years. The rugs came back soft with vibrant colors that had been lost over years of use. I highly recommend Oriental Rug and Carpet Clinic to anyone in need of cleaning or restoration of fine rugs and carpets. I will certainly use their services again.
  • The end result of the deep cleaning was spectacular; the shine, softness and color looked like they were new.

    Hamza is a wonderful person to work with. He cared for my Iranian and Turkish rugs like they were his own. The end result of the deep cleaning was spectacular; the shine, softness and color looked like they were new. Hamza's knowledge and enthusiasm for rugs is refreshing. He willingly educated me about the rugs, the history and the cultural importance of the rugs I have. I can't thank him and his company enough for how they treated me...and especially how they treated my rugs. I will not hesitate to call upon this company in the future!
  • High quality work at affordable prices. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

    I will recommend Oriental Rug and Carpet Clinic to my family and friends in the future. High quality work at affordable prices. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. We are so pleased with our newly cleaned and repaired rugs! Thank you for your great service.
  • I found the service, quality of work and attention to detail far exceeding my expectations!

    I found the service, quality of work and attention to detail far exceeding my expectations! Uzair lives up to his word! I had my rug impeccably cleaned within the week, with an estimate before the service and on target at the time I picked it up! I was so impressed I'm taking more rugs because I trust the work for the rest of my family heirlooms!
  • You can stop looking for other places to clean your carpets and just go here.

    Oriental Rug and Carpet Clinic cleaned eight old Persian carpets of mine that are from Iran. You can stop looking for other places to clean your carpets and just go here. My carpets have been with me since I was a little kid, so I was concerned about leaving my cherished childhood memories in the hands of strangers, but no need for concern if you take it to this place. They know carpets and will treat them with great care, for a reasonable price. They can fix old beat up treasures that are falling apart as well. They really do deserve the 5 start rating.
  • I am so pleased with the service received.

    I am so pleased with the service received. They answered my email promptly and picked up and delivered my rug!!! So convenient! The rug looks amazing. Very professional, knowledgeable and competent! A+
  • They triple cleaned it and it looks beautiful

    I worked with Uzair and Henry. I bought my rug in Tunisia 25 years ago and it had never been cleaned. Most recently it was in my farmhouse and loaded with dust and dirt. So much came out of the rug that they saved it all to show me -- it weighed 5 pounds!! They triple cleaned it and it looks beautiful. I dropped it in their Broomfield location. They came in on time and charged the price that they originally quoted me -- no hidden charges. When I picked it up it was pouring rain so they carefully wrapped it in plastic but the parking was so easy that I parked right out front and we easily loaded the rug all nice and dry. I have another rug that I will be taking them as soon as I can get it in the car. I will use them in the future and highly recommend then to anyone who needs rug cleaning services. Uzair was also able to tell me a lot about the rug, which I found really helpful. I bought it in a small bazaar in Tunisia and all I knew was I really loved the rug. Now I understand much more about it. Thanks, Uzair.
  • thanks to Uzair and his company, it turned out great. Excellent customer service.

    Our breakfast area rug looked hopeless, but thanks to Uzair and his company, it turned out great. Excellent customer service. I would recommend Oriental Rug and Carpet Clinic to anyone who needed rug cleaning.

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