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Rug and Carpet Clinic is beyond a business endeavor, it is a passion and a family tradition.

Smiley face Restoration

Rug restoration is truly a rare art form. At Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic, we pledge to provide the highest rug quality restoration and repair method available anywhere and a dedication to servicing your every rug and carpet maintenance needs.

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We clean oriental rugs the way the rug weavers would approve of the process. Rugs and carpet cleaned by Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic stay prettier and cleaner longer and promote a healthier working and living environment.

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We are absolutely committed to education. Our restoration skill set is rather uncommon in the U.S. and we are bringing it over, first hand from the cradle of oriental rugs, Iran. Call us for our free class scheduled.

We take pride in the satisfaction of our customers and understand the value of a lifetime customer.

Why choose us?

  • Over 50 years of experience in this business
  • Applying the most approved traditional methods by rug weavers
  • Denver-based traditional restoration facility
  • Ongoing support
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Free pick up and delivery

Explore the endless possibilities

  • The Origins of Persian Carpet patterns The Origins of Persian Carpet patterns
    The earliest Persian Rugs can be dated to 500 BCE. Iranians were among the pioneer rug weavers of the ancient civilizations, having achieved a superlative degree of perfection through centuries of creativity...
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  • Rug Restoration – Moth Damage Rug Restoration – Moth Damage
    Believe it or not, moth damage accounts for more than half of the rug damages we encounter. They leave damaging secretions on the fabric that needs to be addressed immediately. They will...
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The Rug and Carpet Clinic specializes in hand woven rug restoration, oriental rug cleaning, and Persian rug maintenance education.

We are at location from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM weekdays.

6901 W 117th Ave
Broomfield, CO. 80020

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