Covid-19 Coronavirus notice

COVID-19: A message to our Customers

At Oriental Rug & Carpet Clinic, the health and well-being of our customers, associates, and communities is our top priority. We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers as the situation evolves. 

We are open for business until further notice.

We want to assure you that we continue to monitor and expand our knowledge base on the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have currently implemented the following as our business practice during these challenging times:

  • We have limited our staff to only 5 personnel max, at any given moment
  • We have asked all our staff and employees to self-quarantine and stay home if either they know of someone feeling ill or if they feel any illness of any kind
  • We are currently using EPA approved cleaning chemicals to safely and effectively clean and sanitize equipment and surfaces daily to limit the spread of germs from any contact
  • We are avoiding making contact and shaking hands
  • We are offering NO-CONTACT pickup/delivery services.

We’re here to help:

  1. We want to do our part to help the needs of our customers and communities safely and effectively. We are including a hospital-grade, virucidal, bactericidal, antimicrobial germicide disinfectant on all rug washes at NO CHARGE to our clients!
  2. If you are an elderly, or have an elderly at home, give us a call and we will schedule a time to safely disinfect your rugs, at your home.
  3. We are offering NO-CONTACT pickup/delivery services

More information on the disinfectant can be found here: Decon 30

Stay informed:

  1. Hands. Wash them often
  2. Elbow. Cough into it
  3. Face. Don’t touch it
  4. Feet. Stay more than 3ft apart
  5. Feel sick? Stay home

We invite you to stay up-to-date with recommended actions for COVID-19 by checking the CDC website regularly:

Remember, do the five:

If you as a client feel unwell, we kindly ask that you postpone services. Please keep yourselves and your families safe and healthy during this time. 

We appreciate your continued support and loyalty. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or otherwise during this strange time.

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