Rug Cleaning Denver

Oriental rugs are a wonderful piece of decoration that can be added to any house or apartment building. By using an oriental rug it can enhance the feel, look and beauty of the place. In past, these rugs were only available by imports from its manufacturing countries. But now they can be easily bought from many shops. Because of its easy availability and the wide price range provided by them they are becoming very much popular and can be easily found in everyone’s household these days. In fact, they have become an integral part of our interior decoration.

Just like any other precious thing, your rug also requires proper cleaning and maintenance on a timely basis. There are many available shops which provide rug cleaning Denver. By getting your rug cleaned you can add years to its life while restoring its beauty. We are one of the pioneers of rug and carpet cleaning company that give rug cleaning Denver for more than 13 years now.

Proper Inspection

We carried out a proper and thorough examination making sure the rug possesses some damage or have some defects that have been hidden before cleaning the rug.  In case the rug requires some repair work then it has been carried out before your rug goes under the process of washing. Before rug cleaning Denver happens the rug is thoroughly inspected so as it can undergo proper and appropriate process of washing.

Proper Process of Un-dusting

This is the most crucial step that has been making oriental rug and carpet clinic stand out from other rug cleaning Denver. This is our most important and undisclosed method through which we remove the dust from the rug therefore even before the process of washing starts more than 90% of the dust has been removed. As the dust has been removed prior to washing of the rug, therefore oriental rug and carpet clinic is able to provide much cleaner and softer rugs in comparison to other service providers in the industry. With the help of our skilled team members, we are able to get rid of very fine dust which gets accumulated in your rug as a result of polluted air, traffic dust and the dust which comes from shoes.

Washing as well as rinsing

We also perform a careful inspection of the rug through which we are able to scrutinize the stains that are present on your rug. We check whether the stains are oil based or they are water based so that we select the particular procedure which is relevant in the removal of stains. We remove these stains prior to the process of washing has been carried on. We also conduct the inspection to check whether your rug suffers from any kind of problem of color running and then only wash your rug so that you are able to get a perfectly cleaned and healthy rug.

Area Rug Cleaning

It might be a tempting offer to tackle the problem of area rug cleaning yourself. However, it is always a better and safer option to let the professionals and experienced ones handle your area rug cleaning. It is very easy to damage an oriental rug if you do not know what you are doing, thus letting a professional handle your area rug cleaning will save you time and money. We have the expertise, the knowledge and the proper techniques on how to perform the task. Area rug cleaning requires a gentle but quite an effective approach.

At Oriental Rug and Carpet Clinic, we provide an effective area rug cleaning, performed by our trained, skilled and knowledgeable team. In case you try to do area rug cleaning yourself or go to any unknown cleaning services, rather than saving money, you may end up with the destroyed area rug which will be an expensive loss.

The process of area rug cleaning is not a simple affair; it consists of a planned step by step process. First of all, a thorough analysis of your area rug is carried out so as to know the present condition of your area rug and also it helps in determining that through which process your area rug cleaning should be carried out so that it does not damage your rug. Each area rug wash is tailored to the type and condition of the rug.

Innovative Organic Deep Dry Cleaning 

What separates us from other service providers, is that we have a totally different, unique and innovative method of dry cleaning which is done with the help of organic compounds. The raw materials used in the process of area rug cleaning are completely organic. There is no use of harsh chemical substances or toxins; therefore you can be worry-free regarding the health and safety aspect of your area rug. This process is used along with our water submersion technique to provide the ultimate area rug cleaning.

Associated Advantages

Since there is no usage of any hard or toxic chemicals, your area rug also remains safe from health point of view. Also as the wastes are thrown into the environment and as they are completely organic, therefore they do not cause any harm or damage to our ecosystem.

This method also is great for wall-to-wall carpets. Minimal usage of liquids are used, therefore it prevents the probability of growth of molds and fungus. As in case the rugs are not able to be properly dried, then due to liquid and moisture, the chances of growth of molds and fungus are enhanced. It does not leave any kind of residue behind. The best part of this process is it is ready for use instantly within a short span of 15-20 minutes which is not possible in other methods of carpet cleaning.