I’d recommend them to everyone

Rug and Carpet Clinic reviewed by Basim Shah

Date: April, 26, 2014 5/5 stars by Basim Shah

Here are the pro’s: they cleaned my rugs well. I mean, twenty years of dirt/oil seemed to be COMPLETELY extracted. Even the backsides were clean. They even repaired the wear on one rug through some localized stitching. Con’s: their store is a little far, though I was able to drop/pick up at their Broadway location. Also, they can’t clean all rugs–one of mine was almost too delicate…though they did pull it off. And pretty well, too. Bottom line: I trust these people. They are very competent, and won’t feed you any nonsense. What they sell, is what you get. I’d recommend them to everyone, and I’ll be back, for sure.

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