Rug and Carpet Clinic reviewed by Blue H.

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Antique woven wool was restored to its silky soft condition

Blue H.

It is always exciting to find a business to give five stars and a stellar review to!  I did my research and decided on a service to clean my antique tribal rug.  Initially, I spoke with Uzair over the phone, and he was very pleasant.  When I took my extremely beautiful, yet insanely dirty, tribal rug for resuscitation to their shop, I met Uzair in person and he was gracious to introduce me to his coworkers.  He took time to explain to me the history, construction, materials, origin and value of my rug.  Furthermore, he explained what special cleaning methods they use for this specific type of rug.  Uzair takes a detailed and scientific approach to antique rug care.  He also showed me around the shop and explained details of different types of rugs that they have for sale.  When I finally picked up my rug after cleaning, I was impressed with its amazing condition.  The antique woven wool was restored to its silky soft condition, and the rug regained its lustrous sheen.

In summary, I walked in with a dirty rug, and walked out with a vibrant clean restored rug and with a wealth of new knowledge about oriental rugs.  The rugs that they have for sale are very beautiful and high quality.  I thought the prices were very good.  I really appreciate this business and highly recommend it to everyone.

Date: November, 14, 2018 5/5 stars