cleaning oriental rugs

Cleaning Oriental rugs

Oriental rugs are perfect for brightening and adding beauty to your rooms. It not only enhances the features of your room but also adds color and brightness to your home. Although nowadays oriental rugs are available in different ranges of prices and are easily affordable. Some of these oriental rugs can be expensive and costly. They can be delicate and needs extra care and attention. By performing proper maintenance and oriental rug cleaning, you can enhance years in its life.

Award winning services

We are here to provide you every solution regarding your worries of cleaning oriental rugs. The process of cleaning oriental rugs involves many steps and phases through which you will be able to provide protection to your costly and delicate oriental rugs. Although you can clean your oriental rugs with the help of a vacuum cleaner at home, but without expertise guidance, you won’t be able to perform cleaning oriental rugs. Amongst all the professional services oriental rug and carpet clinic have been the pioneer in providing services of cleaning oriental rugs. We provide award-winning services, and have been satisfying many customers all around the world.

Cleaning Process

There are many factors that are involved in the process of cleaning oriental rugs. It includes

  • Undusting, by hand and using a mechanical harmonic vibration machine that removes up to 95% of dry soil.
  • Color fast check, tests that checks whether the color has been running.
  • Washing of the oriental rugs, with water submersion and our own special formulated wool dye safe shampoos.
  • Drying or combing of the rug.
  • Cleaning of the fringe and its trimming.

The process of washing is being carried out by the experts and skilled team members. oriental rug and carpet clinic have been providing excellent services to many customers. Apart from washing it removes any mold or fungus that has grown into the rugs as they are harmful not only for our health but also for the health of rugs. It degrades the quality of oriental rugs and also gives a foul smell to them. In rainy seasons especially due to moisture there are high chances of growth of molds and fungus in rugs, therefore it becomes essential to clean them on regular bases.

Fringe add-ons (if needed)

We provide many additional services apart from cleaning oriental rugs. We help to restore an oriental rug so that they can get into the same shape just like earlier. Sometimes after facing severe rough and tough conditions the Oriental rug get damaged and therefore it needs repairing activities. As oriental rugs are dyed with natural colors and there is high tendency of damage to colors when they are treated with harsh chemicals. Therefore it needs to be treated delicately and in the case of a color run; it needs to be repaired because if the color runs from the oriental rugs it can damage the whole appeal and beauty of the rugs.

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